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Mexican farmers cut U.S. avocado supply

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Allegedly, due to a negotiation tactic by Mexican avocado growers, prices in California of the fruits are up close to 400 percent.

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Mexican growers are reportedly withholding the fruit from packers as they negotiate higher prices, and that has put a stranglehold on the volume of avocados heading north.

Instead of the roughly 45 million pounds the U.S. imported on a weekly basis this time last year, the Hass Avocado Board reports that only 13.7 million pounds were imported last week.

As such, the price has gone up — and that is felt both by the average shopper and local restaurants.

Large chain supermarkets like Safeway will likely escape the brunt of this price increase — they have long-term contracts in place to guarantee prices, as the Chron notes. It's the smaller shops and restaurants that will really be hit.

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