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Mexican market openings announced for EU pork

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Mexico has agreed to take supplies of fresh pigmeat and processed hams from Spain.

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Thera ere similar signs of encouragement for future trading agreements being concluded with other EU member states, according to European farm commissioner, Phil Hogan.

Speaking this morning (April 12) during a European Parliament (EP) plenary session, he unveiled the new Mexico/Spanish agreement as the first successful outcome from his recent visit to Mexico and Columbia.

He also announced that a similar Mexican market “go-ahead” for fresh pigmeat from France was expected, along with good prospects for fresh pigmeat supplies to be taken from Germany, Romania and Italy.

In addition, he said that an audit is scheduled in May for Poland, after which he hoped there will be opportunities for fresh pigmeat to be exported from Poland to Mexico.

Noting that these trade developments resulted from his “diplomatic offensive” aimed at identifying and building new market opportunities, Hogan reminded EP members that he will be leaving tomorrow to begin similar trade talks in Kazakhstan, China and Japan.

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