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Mexico: U.S. demands mangoes from Oaxaca

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The federal delegate of Sagarpa in Oaxaca, Lino Velasquez Morales, said that nearly 2,250 hectares of mangoes had been damaged by a north cold front earlier this year.

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He said that all the affected areas, which correspond to the municipalities of Chahuites, Tapanatepec, Zanatepec, Pineda Reforma, San Francisco del Mar, and San Francisco Ixhuatan, had been covered by the insurance company.

He also said that the phenomena had affected 15 percent of the more than 15 thousand hectares planted with mango in the Isthmus region, and that, despite this, they had been able to export an important volume.

Increased exports to the United State

The U.S. market was the main export destination for the Oaxacan mango, as they had shipped more than 6 million boxes of Tommy and Ataulfo mangoes, which generated an economic boon of 1.3 billion pesos, to that destination.

"This proves that the US market demands the quality mango from Oaxaca," he said.

He said that these numbers placed mango producers of the Isthmus region on a par with agribusiness entrepreneurs from different parts of the country and the world.

This confirms the great quality of the Oaxacan mango and that producers are strictly complying with the Mexican fruit fly control campaigns.

Regarding the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, Canada and the United States, he said that the measures to protect the export of the mango taken by the Mexican government aimed at generating a worldwide high quality product.

"Consumers in Canada and United States won't be able to say no to the great products we have in Oaxaca, such as the mango, papaya, or mescal," he stated.

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