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Mondelez and Olam to create world's largest sustainable cocoa farm in Indonesia

Christian Fernsby |
Mondelez International and cocoa supplier Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) are collaborating in Indonesia to create the world’s single largest sustainable commercial cocoa farm.

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The model builds on Mondelez International’s experience with the company’s signature sustainable sourcing program, Cocoa Life, and OFI’s ambition for sustainable cocoa, Cocoa Compass, to test a scalable approach for the future of commercial cocoa farming.

From sensors in fields to irrigation systems, the project will use advanced climate smart and plant science technology – rarely used to grow cocoa at this scale – as innovations included in this 2,000-hectare cocoa farm on Seram, the largest island in Maluku province in Indonesia.

The model tests a modernised and professional blueprint for best practice cocoa farming, optimal land usage and farming community planning which will be explored as a potential model for replication across the region.

Combining their respective expertise in cocoa growing research and development, sustainable cocoa farm management, and good agricultural practices, Mondelez International and OFI will tackle these problems by improving the livelihoods of partner cocoa farmers, empowering communities and restoring the environmental productivity of a previously deforested landscape.

“With nine years of measurable impact demonstrating improved farmer’s livelihoods and reduced environmental impact of cocoa farming through our signature sustainable sourcing program, Cocoa Life, we’re excited to leverage our know-how in a collaborative approach to sustainable raw material sourcing with a geographically customized solution,” said Quentin Roach, SVP Supply Chain & Chief Procurement Officer, Mondelez International.

Gerard A. Manley, CEO of OFI’s Cocoa Business, said: “This could be truly game-changing for the future of cocoa in Indonesia and beyond.”

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