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Moscow closer to self-sufficiency in poultry meat

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Moscow Region’s self-sufficiency in poultry meat is expected to reach 72 per cent in 2016, said Moscow Region’s Minister of Agriculture and Food, Dmitry Stepanenko, during his visit to Mosselprom, Cherkizovo Group’s poultry production cluster.

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Given the already high satisfaction of demand in the region, it is essential to develop technologically advanced facilities producing value added products, he added.

“Mosselprom”, Cherkizovo Group’s poultry production cluster, is one of the fastest growing poultry facilities in the region. Minister’s visit coincided with the launch of 24 new poultry houses which are expected to boost company’s annual production volume by 12 thousand tonnes. Investment in the new infrastructure at Mosselprom reached almost 650 million roubles.

The Minister commented: "The facility is technologically advanced. Broiler growing takes only 35 days compared to three months in a typical farm enterprise. Such high turnover helps increase production volume. Once full self-sufficiency is reached, the challenge of finding new channels of distribution comes up.

"Currently a number of poultry production companies are exploring opportunities to enter new markets abroad. I view this as the next key area of development for poultry companies in the Greater Moscow Area."

A number of Cherkizovo poultry farms had already received licenses to export their products to UAE and Egypt. The company expects its exports to account for 20 per cent of total revenue within the next two years.

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