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Muller raises October milk price in UK

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Müller confirmed that its standard litre milk price will increase by an average of 1 pence per litre from October 1.

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The average liquid milk price will be 19.4 ppl. Farmers on supermarket contracts will also receive a 2.89 ppl Retailer Supplement.

Former Dairy Crest suppliers who switched when the processor was bought out by Muller at the beginning of the year will be receiving slightly less than existing Muller suppliers (who can expect to receive 20.37 ppl come October).

Muller said it intends to align prices paid to former Dairy Crest and Wiseman suppliers, as well as direct Muller suppliers, at the request of its farmer board.

In August, Müller defended its pricing and attacked FFA for disrupting activity, accusing protestors of not representing Muller suppliers and claiming some of those on pickets had sought to become suppliers themselves. When Muller raised its formula milk price for September, however, FFA claimed their actions were vindicated and that the protests had influenced Muller’s move.

The processor said the October increase reflects a tightening of milk supply and a strengthening of global commodity markets.

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