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Namibia bans import of cucumbers to support local production

Christian Fernsby |
Namibia has put a temporary ban on imports of English cucumbers, effective 25 September.

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The Namibian Agronomic Board announced that this step was taken due to increased local production volumes.

The ban is in effect until further notice and all valid special import permits that were issued for English cucumbers automatically became invalid as of 25 September, and will not be accepted at any border post unless if there are other special controlled products on such permits, that are still allowed. reports that the Agronomic Board has made clear this is because local producers find it hard to market their product as the favourable climatic conditions cause some traders to import the product.

“The Namibian Agronomic Board’s compliance inspectors will conduct physical inspection at the entry border posts or at first offloading point to ensure full compliance to these requirements and any illegal importation shall be dealt with in accordance with the existing punitive measures,” Emilie Abraham Manager of Horticulture Market Development said.

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