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Namibian beef to hit American markets soon

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Manager of corporate affairs at Meatco Rosa Tobias told New Era that September 12 marked the day when Namibia can start exporting meat into the USA market.

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"Meatco is looking forward to this exciting milestone that will put Namibia on par with other major world-class players in the beef trade, and Meatco is more than geared up for the task ahead, which should result in the actual exports taking place within the next month," she noted.

Namibia stated that - if approved - its immediate intent was to export boneless raw beef products, such as primal cuts, chuck, blade and beef trimming to the United States.

Namibia would need to submit additional information for review before FSIS would allow Namibia to export other beef products, e.g. bone-in beef cuts or other types of livestock to the United States.

On July 14, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) added Namibia to the list of countries eligible to export meat and meat products to the United States. Meatco is now busy finalising a few things, such as brand development, packaging and labelling approval.

Namibia is the first African country ever whose sought-after beef qualified for the lucrative export markets of both China and the United States of America. Meatco is also busy finalising the trade licence with the regulatory body in China before exports to that Asian country can commence.

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