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Netherlands agri-food exports largest in EU reaching €94 billion

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The Netherlands is Europe’s top agri-food exporter while agri-food trade from the European Union to the rest of the world has been ahead of the United States in recent years.

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In 2016, Dutch agri-food exports totalled almost €94 billion, compared to €90 billion in 2015.

Agricultural products accounted for €85 billion and agricultural materials, knowledge and technology accounted for €9 billion: a new record.

"This means the agri-food sector now comprises 22% of total (goods) exports," according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Ministry added: "The exports were mainly foodstuffs, such as vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat and processed products, in addition to high-quality floriculture (flowers and seeds).

"A noticeable factor is the increasing demand for Dutch agricultural materials, innovations and high-quality technology."

"Exports in this area totalled nearly €9 billion. Examples of such exports include energy-efficient greenhouses, precision agriculture systems (via GPS and drones) and new discoveries that make crops more resistant to the effects of climate change and diseases.

"In 2016, the import of agricultural products rose by 1.6% to €57.1 billion."

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