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New flexibility secured by Michael Gove for UK farmers affected by extreme weather

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Further provisions for livestock farmers struggling to access animal feed have been introduced.

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Farmers affected by this summer’s dry weather have been offered further assistance by the UK government today (26 September).

New flexibility from the EU Commission has been secured, which will help farmers increase the amount of feed they can grow for their livestock.

The dry weather earlier this summer has meant many livestock farmers have not had enough pasture to graze their animals on, with some having to break into their winter feed supplies early.

From today, farmers will be allowed to grow grass and other edible forage in areas that are not usually allowed for grazing.

This is after the UK government secured a derogation from the EU’s Ecological Focus Area (EFA) winter crop requirements, which stipulates that certain areas must be left fallow or sown with crop mix that cannot be grazed.

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