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New Zealand: Mycoplasma bovis found for first time in Waikato

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Biosecurity New Zealand (a unit of the Ministry for Primary Industries) today confirmed that a farm in the Cambridge area has tested positive for Mycoplasma bovis.

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The Waikato region dairy farm was identified through the tracing of cattle movements from infected properties and has been put through an exhaustive testing process to achieve a reliable result. The farm is under strict controls preventing the movement of animals and other risk goods on and off the property.

Biosecurity New Zealand's response director Geoff Gwyn says it is very disappointing to find the disease in another of New Zealand's key dairying regions.

"It was, however, not a huge surprise, given the sheer number of farms we are uncovering that have received cows and calves from affected farms.

"It's a reality of New Zealand's farming system that large numbers of animals are sold and moved across big distances. This response is serving to underline just how much movement takes place and it is this, coupled with poor record keeping through NAIT that is making our job very challenging."

The new Cambridge positive takes the number of infected properties across the country to 39.

Since the beginning of the response, Biosecurity New Zealand (MPI), animal industry bodies, vets and farmers have been intent on identifying new infected farms, containing the disease, and keeping all options open to make the best possible decision on how the disease should be managed in future.

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