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New Zealand to help thousands of Peruvian dairy farmers

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New Zealand is to fund a four-year partnership to help the development of dairy farms in the central highlands of Peru, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said.

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New Zealand would give 4 million NZ dollars ($2.85 million) to the New Zealand Peru Dairy Support Project, which aims to improve the profitability of up to 90,000 dairy farmers in the Peruvian Sierra, said Joyce.

"The project will focus on assisting Peruvian farmers with New Zealand technologies to improve milk and cheese production, handling and processing practices, and more effective research and extension," said Joyce, who launched the project in Lima, in a statement from his office.

"Dairying has good potential to increase smallholder dairy productivity and incomes in the Sierra, generating regular cash income and contributing to household nutrition and food security," he said.

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