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Northeastern tuna fishery MSC certification upheld

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Confirmation of MSC Fisheries Standard certification for Northeastern Tropical Pacific purse seine yellowfin and skipjack tuna fishery has been made.

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The decision follows an objection from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), who said that impacts of the fishery on depleted dolphin populations have not been sufficiently examined and addressed.

The fishery, operated by the Pacific Alliance of Sustainable Tuna (PAST), includes 36 purse seine vessels fishing for yellowfin and skipjack with both free-school and dolphin associated sets.

PAST has committed to a sustainability action plan, which includes: dolphin protection measures including investments in net alignment and training in best practices across the fleet; significant financial investment in an international research program to assess dolphin populations in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean; zero retention and maximum live release program for all sharks and rays; and active stakeholder engagement in building more transparency in fisheries in Mexico.

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