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Number of cattle in Austria decreased 1.3%

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For the reference day June 1, 2016, a total of 1.93 million cattle was registered in Austria representing a decline of 1.3% respectively 25,100 head compared to December 1, 2015, Statistics Austria reported.

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In the age class up to one year the stock of cattle dropped by 3.1% to 605,000 head. The number of calves for slaughter decreased by 7.2% to 148,000 head, those of other calves and young cattle by 1.7% to 457,000 head.

In the half-year comparison the total number of cattle aged one to two years rose by 0.4% to 441,000 head.

While the number of male cattle dropped by 0.4% to 165,000 head, the stock of heifers for slaughter increased by 2.4% to 80,500 head and those of heifers for production and breeding rose by 0.2% to 195,000 head.

The total number of cattle aged at least two years declined by 0.8% to 887,000 head. With an increase of 0.4% the number of dairy cows rose to 536,000 head.

All the other stocks of the remaining categories in this age group dropped: bulls and oxen (-5.0%), heifers for slaughter (-6.1%), heifers for production and breeding (-1.8%) and other cows (-2.7%).

With regard to the reference day, the number of holdings with cattle fell by 0.8% to 61 300 units within the last six months. The average livestock density remained unchanged at 32 head per holding.

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