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Officials of the South African fisheries management to be subject to security clearance

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All officials of the South African fisheries management branch will be subject to security clearance following the launch of an abalone poaching investigation.

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After the arrest of nine fisheries officials for corruption-related allegations concerning abalone in Gansbaai last month, the Department said officials will need clearance from the Minister of the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Senzeni Zokwana.

The Department stated: “As we fight those syndicates, we need to ensure that none amongst our departmental ranks is found to be assisting those syndicates.

“A first step towards addressing this challenge; will be to subject all officials of the Fisheries Management Branch to State Security clearance and vetting with immediate effect.”

Gansbaai is one of South Africa’s main Abalone poaching areas and poached Abalone is smuggled out of the country through highly sophisticated organised crime networks.

The Minister applauds the work that has been done by the police and will continue supporting further work to deal with this matter, said the Department.

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