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One third of Welsh farmers don't care much about biosecurity

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The chief veterinary officer (CVO) for Wales, Christianne Glossop, said that a new survey of animal health and welfare found that one third of respondents felt that biosecurity was only “fairly” important or “not important at all”.

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“It is positive that approximately two thirds of respondents felt that biosecurity was very important,” said the CVO, commenting as part of a biosecurity survey report, released by the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group.

“It does, however, concern me that one third of respondents felt that it was only fairly or not important at all. As we continue to work through this campaign (on biosecurity) I will be looking to see how best to get this message across.

“I would also call on those farmers who feel that biosecurity is important, to demonstrate good practice. We all have a role to play in minimising the risks posed by disease threats to the industry.

“With this in mind, I was pleased to see that well over half of the respondents felt that they could be doing more to improve their biosecurity practices on farm. This indicates to me that there is a willingness within the industry to do more.”

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