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Overall winter wheat yield in UK 7% lower

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The publication of Strutt & Parker’s annual Harvest Yields Survey offers a fresh end-of-year perspective on the 2018 season and points to the challenge climate change may pose to traditional growing patterns.

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At a time when many are looking ahead to 2019, the analysis highlights the difficulties many faced this summer, showing that yields were lower than in 2017 for everything apart from second wheats and winter barley.

The data is based on the performance of combinable crops across nearly 50,000 hectares in the East of England, Midlands and South East England.

According to the results, the overall winter wheat yield for 2018 was 8.5t/ha, which was 7% lower than in 2017 and 9% lower than the five-year average, although higher than the DEFRA national average of 7.8t/ha.

First wheats averaged 8.7t/ha (down from 9.5t/ha in 2017), while second wheats averaged 8.0t/ha – 3% higher than last year, when second wheats struggled because of a dry start to the spring which limited the uptake of nitrogen.

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