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Pakistan ready to increase agricultural exports to Russia fivefold

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Pakistani farmers are willing to increase fivefold, up to 1 million metric tons per year, the volume of their food exports to Russia, Zahid Khan, the CEO of the Russian Business Council for Cooperation with Pakistan, said.

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Khan also stressed that the logistics for exports is imperfect currently, as Pakistan is forced to deliver products through St. Petersburg, and only then to Moscow, Krasnoyarsk and Astrakhan, Sputnik News reports.

As a result, average container journey time to Russia is from one to three months, which is a problem for Pakistani suppliers.

"Currently, Pakistan exports 200,000 tonnes of products to Russia per year. The major share falls on supplies of potato, bananas, rice, papaya, tangerines and oranges...

"We are ready, thanks to the [upcoming] establishment of Trading House of Pakistan in Moscow to increase the supplies to 1 million tonnes per year," Khan said at a meeting with Chairman of the Eurasian Business Union Board Viktor Kambolov.

At the same time, Khan stressed that already this fall, the timeframe of product delivery from Pakistan to Russia should be reduced to 12 days due to the opening of a new road from Pakistan to Iran.

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