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Peru: Blueberry production grew 870%

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According to Inform@accion, Peru went from producing 2,989 tons of blueberries in 2014 to 28,999 tons in 2016, which represents an 870.2% growth in this production.

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Inform@accion also added that, up until June 2017, Peru produced 23,989 tons of blueberries and that they still didn't have any records regarding the production obtained in the second half of the year.

They also indicated that the country went from having 418 hectares devoted to blueberries in 2014, to having 1,495 hectares of this crop in 2016, which represents a 257.7% increase in the production area.

In addition, by June this year, 1,439 hectares had been harvested.

"The growth of blueberry cultivation in our country has been exponential; we could even say explosive.

This crop quickly went through the study and adaptation to the conditions of Peru process and, even when there were many doubts, producers began to grow larger and larger areas," they stated.

The learning curve was very hard for some producers, but in general it was very fast, and now there is a very strong growth and a very ambitious bet, as this product is already among Peru's five main agricultural export products.

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