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Peru’s food exports to U.S. skyrockets in 2015

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Peruvian food exports to the United States increased in 2015, especially blueberries, organic bananas and grapes, which rose 321%, 74 and 69%, the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry said.

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Peruvian exports of blueberries, according to U.S. Commerce Department figures, rose from $12.6 million in 2014 to $53.1 million in 2015.

Foreign sales of organic bananas increased from $24.8 million to $43.2 million, the ministry said.

Grape exports increased 69.1 percent; canned fish sales rose 57.4 percent; mandarin orange exports rose 23.9 percent; asparagus sales increased 10.8 percent; and mango exports rose 10.4 percent.

Exports of fresh or frozen fish increased by 4.8 percent to $4.4 million in 2015.

Agricultural exports from the five regions in northern Peru increased 10.2 percent to $1.63 billion in 2015, a Peruvian Chamber of Commerce Business Research Center, or CIE, report said.

The main markets for exports from the northern regions were Switzerland, with 25.2 percent; the United States, with 21.6 percent; and Canada, with 8.3 percent.

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