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Producers in Argentina give away 20 tons of produce in Plaza de Mayo protest

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Producers from the Union of Workers of the Earth (UTT) gave away their vegetables at the Plaza de Mayo, to protest against precarious working conditions.

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The UTT, which is part of the Confederation of Popular Economy (TCPA) released a statement which said: "We are families that work the land to produce the food that people consume daily: vegetables, pigs, milk, cheese, corn, eggs, chickens. Our's is an honourable work. 20,000 kilosHowever, the conditions in which we live, produce, and market our products are very poor."

According to producers, a few people own much of the land, while there are thousands of small agricultural workers that don't have any land and many peasants who can be evicted from their land.

"We have to start discussing Agrarian Reform so we can achieve food sovereignty," they told the public and the press at the Plaza de Mayo.

The protest was similar to the measure adopted by the producers of Rio Negro at Plaza de Mayo last month, when they gave away thousands of kilos of fruit, in less than two hours, to a horde of people that had travelled from different parts of Buenos Aires for two apples and a pear.

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