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Putin and Erdogan agree to lift restrictions on Russian grain supplies

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The agreements of the presidents of Russia and Turkey include lifting of restrictions on the supplies of Russian grain to Turkey, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich told reporters.

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"I will repeat what the president said - we agreed that all individual limitations of the parties are removed. There are nuances in terms of timing, because something can be solved in one day, something in a week.

"However, in general, all restrictions, except for the general visa regime and special agreements on tomatoes that are yet to be achieved, are lifted. The agreements include grain," Dvorkovich said.

"All restrictions are being removed simultaneously, and we hope that this will take a few days," Dvorkovich said.

"The exact mechanism was not worked out. In any case, the restrictions will remain, in this sense our producers don’t need to worry. Some flexible mechanisms might be introduced," Dvorkovich said.

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