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Qatar targets fish self-sufficiency with 14 new farms

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Qatar aims to achieve self-sufficiency in fish production within the next five years through the construction of 14 new farms.

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The initiative, a part of the National Development Strategy 2017-2022, is also meant to protect and improve the natural reserves of fish and ensure the well-being of the marine environment in the country.

Department of Fisheries director Abdulaziz Mohamed al-Duhaimi told local Arabic daily Arrayah that the ministry is placing "special importance on fish farming projects in the country", and that the projects would have private sector involvement.

Ten small-size fish farms will be built at a marine life research center in Ras Matbakh, with a production capacity of 500 metric tons a year over an area of five hectares. Three other fish farms in floating cages will be built over 90 hectares each at a depth of around 25-35m, with 6,000t of targeted fish production capacity.

The last farm will be a shrimp farm covering 111 hectares, targeting 1,000t of annual production.

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