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Queensland fruit fly Quarantine Area expanded again

Christian Fernsby |
The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is currently responding to an outbreak of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) in Perth's western suburbs.

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Qfly is exotic to Western Australia.

An eradication program is underway to help prevent the spread of this pest, which includes surveillance and baiting activities, and establishment of a Quarantine Area. Residents and businesses within the Quarantine Area MUST comply with host fruit movement and management requirements.

The Department’s Queensland fruit fly Quarantine Area has been expanded north of the current boundary, to include another 923 hectares and five new suburbs – Mount Claremont, Shenton Park, Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove and Crawley. This includes the University of WA, Irwin Barracks, Lake Claremont and Karakatta cemetery.

This is in addition to the original 1130ha Quarantine Area (QA) over Dalkeith and parts of Nedlands and Claremont. The newly expanded QA will encompass some 20,000 properties.

The QA has been increased due to detections close to the QA border. To prevent further spread, the larger QA will enable surveillance in these new detection areas, as well as the introduction of host fruit management and movement requirements.

The Department is now tackling its largest Qfly outbreak since WA’s very first Qfly incursion in 1989. Personnel dedicated to the response has been increased significantly to meet the demands of regular property inspections, and baiting and surveillance activities.

Qfly is the most important economic pest of the Australian horticultural industries. Freedom from Qfly allows Western Australia (WA) to meet national and international requirements for market access of host produce.

If the Qfly eradication is not successful, WA will lose access to international markets, which recognise that WA is free from Qfly, including such markets as avocados to Japan and strawberries to Thailand.

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