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Real agricultural income in Lithuania highest in EU

Christian Fernsby |
According to the latest Eurostat data, in Lithuania, real agricultural income per conditional employee in 2020, compared to 2019, increased the most in the entire European Union (EU) - as much as 30.2%.

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This increase in income was due to higher crop yields. 25.6% had a particularly significant impact. increased grain crops and 40.4 percent. rapeseed harvest. Last year, the country's farmers harvested record grain (6.92 million tons) and rapeseed (0.97 million tons).

Eurostat also publishes the basic changes in this indicator, ie the values obtained compared to 2010. Based on these data, in 2020, compared to 2010, real agricultural income per conditional employee in Lithuania increased by 80.2%. According to Eurostat, this is even 27.2% higher than the EU average.

The largest change in income was found in Bulgaria - 146.2 percent. Lithuania is the fourth in the European Union - after Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia.

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