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Restructuring agriculture for integration and development in Vietnam

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam has broken down the project on Vietnam’s agricultural restructuring into sub-projects.

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Thos projects are in cultivation, breeding, forestry, aquaculture, irrigation, and processing of agricultural, forestry, and aquatic products, as well as salt.

In 2015 the sector earned $880 million in production value, up 2% from the previous year. Economist Le Dang Doanh commented on this achievement, saying, Vietnam’s agriculture has been restructured, already showing moderate success.

Most outstanding is the model of large-scale rice fields. Many enterprises have invested in agriculture, including the Vincom group, who have invested in safe vegetable and fruit production. The sector should accelerate restructuring to ensure food hygiene and safety for exports.

Vietnam is pursuing the restructuring of agricultural breeding systems by zoning, grouping animals, husbandry methods, and upgrading the slaughtering system to be able to join global production chains.

In 2015 the breeding sector’s economic value increased 5% from 2014, meeting both domestic food needs and export requirements.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat said the agricultural restructuring is one of the factors that will help restructure the national economy and renovate its growth model, along with socio-economic development strategies and the plans of each locality.

Phat called for applying top-priority comprehensive measures to re-arrangement production of involving more businesses, cooperatives, and value chain links.

This will be necessary to further increase the application of science and technology by providing more technical training for farmers to improve agricultural production and raise their incomes.

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