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Romania lifts ban on exports of some foods to non-EU countries

Christian Fernsby |
Romania has lifted the ban on exports of cereals and some food products to non-EU countries it imposed on April 10 in order to ensure sufficient domestic supply, interior minister Marcel Vela said.

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"The articles prohibiting these exports cease to apply, because after discussions with companies, we changed our perspective and we established that food security is ensured until the next harvest. The exports are no longer forbidden," Vela said in a televised statement.

According to an ordinance issued on April 10, wheat, barley, oats, rice, soybeans, wheat flour, sugar, sunflower and safflower oils, cottonseed oil and some pastry products such as biscuits were not to be exported to non-EU countries during the state of emergency. EU member states could import these products from Romania only if they proved that the products will be used domestically or within the wider EU and will not be re-exported, the repealed ordinance said.

Romania is in a state of nationwide state of emergency until May 14.

Romania has recorded so far 482 deaths from the novel coronavirus disease out of 8,936 confirmed coronavirus cases.

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