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Romania to set up state company to facilitate farming product trade

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Romania will set up within shortest time a state-owned company to handle with export of local farming products, an official announced.

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"I discussed with the Prime Minister and within the shortest time we will set up a Romanian Trading House, a state-owned company tasked with handling import-export relations and taking over agriculture produce, vegetables and livestock products," said Liviu Dragnea, Speaker of the Deputies' Chamber and head of the ruling Social Democratic Party.

Dragnea was quoted as saying by official Agerpres news agency in southeastern city of Calarasi.

According to him, there is demand aplenty for lambs and sheep from various countries.

"It is almost impossible for a trader to just tour Romania and find one hundred thousand or two hundred thousand heads of sheep or lambs all by himself, and the same goes for cereals and vegetables," explained the official, adding that the company is intended to become an important actor in the business.

The company will be set up in one month at the latest, said Dragnea, adding that a network for the collection, storage and sale of the agricultural production will be set up in no more than two years.

Dragnea also argued that Romania must move on from the current stage where it sells its farming produce at the crop field edge for big traders to sell it abroad, just for it to return to the country as biscuits, puffed snacks and other sweets.

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