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Russia aims to import only citrus and exotics by 2020

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Russia aims to import only citrus and exotic fruits by 2020 and thus achieve self-sufficiency for the main food categories, according to Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Yevgeny Gromyko.

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"By 2020, Russia will reach almost 100% self-sufficiency in foodstuffs like milk, meat and vegetables; imports will be limited to products like citrus and exotic fruits, which we are unable to grow in our country," said Mr Gromyko.

During a meeting of the heads of agriculture of the BRICS countries, Yevgeny Gromyko noted that BRICS countries have huge resources and that "the five countries are key suppliers of agricultural products on the world food market."

In this regard, he highlighted their great potential for mutual cooperation, reporting that Russia is ready to make the maximum contribution to this project."

Russia is currently self-sufficient in grain and most types of meat and has managed to significantly improve its vegetable production.

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