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Russia inspects Turkish tomato growers

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The Russian inspection service has inspected Turkish tomato cultivation businesses.

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This is according to the Azerbaijan news site, Azernews. Officially the Russian border is still closed for Turkish tomatoes. Last month, both countries agreed to find a solution to the problems.

Representatives from Russia then hinted that they might open the border for part of the year.

"The inspection of the tomato farmers falls under the Federal Service. As soon as they have reached a decision, we will publish the relevant information on our website," stated spokesperson, Yulia Melano.

The Russian border is double-bolted at the moment. This is due to a political, as well as, technical boycott. The first was instated after Turkish units took down a Russian fighter jet.

The second was introduced on July 4, 2016 when the photosanitary services discovered exceedances.

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