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Russia may buy Turkish food products replacing China's

Christian Fernsby |
Russia may import fruit, vegetable, and seafood products from Turkey or Morocco, replacing imports from China amid coronavirus outbreak, an official said today.

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"Vegetables, fruits and seafood make up the basis of Chinese food exports to Russia [...] At the moment, the falling volumes [of food products] can easily be replaced by supplies from other countries, such as Morocco and Turkey," Dmitry Vostrikov, head of Russia's Food Products Manufacturers and Suppliers Association, told local TASS news agency.

According to Vostrikov, a total of 453,000 tons of vegetables worth $370 million were imported from China in the first 11 months of 2019. "Israel ranks second in this area with 139,000 tons worth $135 million of import. Turkey is in third place with 136,000 tons worth $148 million," he noted.

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