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Russia to give $154.5 million to agricultural machinery producers

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gave the task to the state government to allocate at least 10 billion rubles ($154.5 million) on technical and technological upgrades for agricultural sector in 2017.

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This decision has been made summarizing the meeting with agricultural workers which took place in Astrakhan on September 2.

The initiative has been delegated to the Ministries of Agriculture, Industry and Trade, Economic Development and Financial Affairs. The results have to be reported on as early as October the 20th.

With that in mind, Russian farmers can keep on buying domestic agricultural machinery with particular discounts.

According to the official source, by August the 19th the overall sum of the contracts on agricultural machinery supply within the Governmental Decree №1432 has already reached 14,7 billion rubles and exceeded the allocated budget by 5 billions.

The governor of Samara Region already suggested to increase subsidy support to agricultural machinery producers by 5 billion rubles during the current year and allocate as much as 15 billion rules on that purpose in 2017.

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