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Russian watchdog wants to reduce number of meat exporters

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The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Oversight plans to suggest the government toughen control over exports of Russian meat products and reduce the amount of local meat exporting companies, Director Sergei Dankvert said in an interview to Rossiya 24 television.

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“Regarding meat and taking into account our current inspections, we are making a proposal to control (the meat exports) more seriously, because we see that the amount of companies wishing to export is so large that they should be controlled locally. But we will not manage it. We have 3,000 companies registered as exporters, and we will not catch up with this amount,” he said.

“If the veterinary service is responsible for this, then it has to monitor it. I think, we will inspect all measures taken by the veterinary services of regions, and the amount of exporters will be cut. Such a big amount (of companies) will not be able to export meat as veterinary services of regions will be unable to control them constantly.”

The service has to guarantee the quality of supplies, but if it can’t because it is unable to monitor it, the country will lose the newly opened markets, which is “painful”, he said.

But the quality of Russian grain is consistent, and is not questioned by foreign buyers. Recent issues with Egypt, when the country was dissatisfied with grain because it contained ergot, may have happened due to a wish to cut the price.

“When our exporter cuts the price by $2, all problems vanish instantly,” he said.

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