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Serbia may give youngsters land to revive countryside

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Serbia’s Minister of Regional Development, Milan Krkobabic, said the government is considering giving away parcels of land of 25 to 50 hectares to young, married couples in order to revive fast-emptying rural communities.

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"The new concept of agrarian policy and regional development is a long-term mission to remove the key threat to national security, which is the depopulation of rural regions," Krkobabic said.

He added that the depopulation of whole villages was a real threat and that Serbia’s problem was not entering the EU, but "re-entering our own country".

Like many other countries in the region and in Eastern Europe, the birth rate in Serbia has long been negative. The population fell by around 385,000 in the decade from 2006 to 2016, prompting some politicians and media to express fears about "Serbs dying out".

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