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SFP identifies shrimp aquaculture areas in need of improvement

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The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has completed its first-ever sector report on shrimp aquaculture in Southeast Asia, identifying geographical areas needing improvement in six different countries.

SFP looked at data gathered from local sources, as well as aggregated market analysis from SFP’s industry partners.

The study covers shrimp produced in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Aquaculture’s share of the Asian shrimp industry is growing, with farms currently accounting for 58% of the shrimp production in the 10 profiled countries and 87% of their shrimp exports.

The report highlighted 16 provinces in six countries – Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Bangladesh – where SFP recommends improvement efforts, especially for farmed shrimp. The prioritised geographies are all significant producers and exporters of shrimp, and are also facing pressing sustainability concerns.

Nicole Portley, analyst with SFP and author of the report said: “It’s important to emphasise that this report really focuses on environmental sustainability issues. There are many complex issues in shrimp production but we hope this report will offer the seafood industry some tangible advice on how to start making improvements in their supply chains. ”

SFP encourages the seafood industry to work with local producers to initiate shrimp-focused aquaculture improvement projects (AIPs) in the priority provinces and implement zonal management strategies that address the disease management needs and environmental concerns that are prevalent in these regions.

The rapid and generally uncoordinated growth in farmed shrimp production in Southeast Asia has led to issues including major disease outbreaks, on-going impacts on sensitive habitats and concerns over water quality.

Suggested improvements include better coordination within the industry and more effective planning and management of an ever-intensifying industry.

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