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Shrimp landings in Argentina reach historical record

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Landings of shrimp in Argentna this year reached a new record in the history of this fishery, according to the Undersecretariat of Fisheries of the Nation.

Until December 18, this crustacean landings totalled 137,953 tonnes, representing an increase of 8.4 per cent compared to landings registered throughout 2014, which reached 127,249 tonnes. This year closes with the third consecutive season when landings exceed 100,000 tonnes.

The largest landings were recorded in the months of August (20,307 tonnes), September (20,977 tonnes) and October (20,610 tonnes).

The freezer shrimp fishing fleet contributed 88,683 tonnes, while coastal vessels landed 35,822 tonnes; fresh fish boats landed 12,807 tonnes, and the estuary fleet registered 638 tonnes.

The data until September 30, this year indicate that they had exported 80,191 tonnes of shrimp, representing 17.6 per cent more than the first nine months of last year.

These shipments generated $511.38 million in revenue, an amount representing a lower growth of 6.3 per cent because the average price per kilogram fell 9.5 per cent, to $6.37, and this partly offset the largest exported volume.

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