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South Korea expecting 1.64 million U.S. eggs to arrive

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Almost a week after the government said it would lift tariffs on eggs imported from overseas, roughly 1.64 million eggs are expected to arrive from the United States this week.

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The eggs are likely to be on the market before Lunar New Year at the end of the month.

“The 1.64 million eggs will be arriving around the weekend after being boarded on a plane,” said Lee Joon-won, vice minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs. “After passing through quarantine, the eggs will likely be supplied in the local market before the Lunar New Year.”

The government a week ago said it will lift tariffs for six months on eight kinds of eggs amounting to 98,600 tons. This is expected to help lower the prices on the imported eggs. Local egg prices have skyrocketed in recent months.

Additionally the government has allocated 900 million won ($748,000) to assist in importing more eggs from overseas. The government will pay half of the costs to import eggs until next month.

This includes a maximum 1 million won to deliver 1 ton of eggs on airplanes and a maximum 90,000 won per ton of eggs that is shipped.

The government said it will consider additional support depending on the supply of eggs.

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