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Spain is the UK's number one fruit and vegetable supplier

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In the past year, the United Kingdom imported a total of 7,477.81 million kilos of fruit and vegetables worth 9,188.5 million Euro, paying an average price of 1.229 Euro per kilo.

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Spain was the largest supplier of fruits and vegetables to the United Kingdom in 2018, with a total of 1,576.37 million kilos sold for 1,851.08 million Euro, with an average price of 1.174 Euro per kilo.

The most purchased Spanish product was lettuce, with 158.91 million kilos, followed by broccoli and cauliflower, with 107.6 million kilos; tomatoes, with 102.17 million kilos; onions, with 82.4 million; peppers (77.94); cucumbers (67.71), clementines (63.19), watermelons (56.08), lemons (55.19) and melons, with 52.52 million kilos.

The Netherlands is the UK's second largest supplier worldwide, with 916.58 million kilos sold for 1,140.66 million Euro, with an average price of 1.244 Euro per kilo.

The most purchased Dutch products are tomatoes (167.97 million kilos), peppers (76.5), cucumbers (71.88) onions (61.35), pears (54.37) and apples, with 13.43 million kilos.

The third place is for South Africa, with 395.77 million kilos sold for 606.56 million Euro, with an average price of 1.533 Euro per kilo.

The products most frequently bought from South Africa were apples, with 75.52 million kilos, followed by oranges, with 70.82 million, and table grapes, with 62.5 million kilos.

Overall, the UK's most purchased products have been bananas, with 1084.13 million kilos, followed by tomatoes, with 388.57 million kilos, apples (364.87), table grapes (259.44), onions (215.67), peppers (177.32), melons (164.13), oranges (161.43), pineapples 159.36) and cucumbers, with 158.25 million kilos.

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