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Tesco discounts steaks for high street restaurants to help UK and Irish beef farmers

Christian Fernsby |
A move by Tesco to help UK and Irish beef farmers by taking top quality steaks destined for now shut high street restaurants is proving a major success with shoppers.

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The closure of restaurants and pubs because of coronavirus hit beef farmers across the UK and Ireland and left many with surplus stock that they were finding hard to shift.

For stricken beef processors the best solution would have been to freeze the meat but that would have seriously devalued their stock.

After hearing about the dilemma Tesco offered to help suppliers and since putting these cuts of beef on discounted sale has seen demand for steaks rocket 40 percent on the same time last year.

To highlight the meat offer Tesco worked with one of the UK and Ireland’s biggest beef processors, Foyle Food Group, to create a new brand called The Meat Folk which features three lines of two pack steaks with choices of either rump (£5), sirloin (£6) or fillet (£7). The supermarket increased its steak orders to help out other UK and Irish beef suppliers who had been left with surplus stock. In order to create demand for the other extra steaks it is now taking, Tesco has put a 2 for £7 offer on its rump, sirloin and rib-eye cuts.

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