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The corn production of Romania down 35-40% due to the drought

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The corn production of Romania will be diminished this year by 35-40% due to the drought up to approximately 7 million tons, from over 11 million tons last year.

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Until November 10, 2015 the harvested surface is over 98% and the total quantity is only 6,97 million tons, according to the data centralised by the ministry of agriculture.

The harvesting of the crops planted in spring is still underway, the ministry of agriculture specialists estimating that they will be finalised in at most two weeks.

According to the MADR data, out of the 2,417 million ha with corn for consumption until 10 No vember 2015 were harvested only 2.379 million ha (98,43%) the harvest obtained being 6.922 million tons corn kernels, with an average of 2.9 tons per ha.

To this quantity there is another 54,701 tons of corn kernels obtained from 17,168 ha (94.44% of the total) seeded seed. On this surface the average per ha was little lighter, of 3.1 tons. The domestic necessary of Romania for corn kernels is 4.5 million tons.

As regards the harvest of sunflower seeds for consumption and seed, the MADR data show a production of 1.53 million tons for 2015, an average of 1.5 tons per ha, dropping by comparison to the last year when the production was over 2.1 million tons. The harvested surface was 1.01 million ha, respectively 98.35% of the seeded total.

Although the production is much diminished against 2014, the specialists estimate that Romania will have a quantity for export as the consumption necessary is 750,000 tons.

For sugar beet was harvested a surface of 14,335 ha (76% of the total of 18,913 ha), the production obtained being 539.880 tons, while for soya, the works are almost over, taking into consideration that they harvested 115,582 ha out of the 122,187 ha and the production is 178,199 tons up to 10 November.

According to the report of the European Commission (EC) of September, the crops production of Romania will drop by 25,8 % in 2015 against last year, more than the EC specialists expected in April, Romania being in the top of the biggest losers of this year, with a cereal production of only 16.6 million tons.

The report shows important losses in Hungary (-16.6%), Poland (-11.8) and Italy (-11.3%). The decline in the big producers in agriculture, Germany and France is estimated at minus 5.2% and minus 1.5% respectively for 2015. The total production of cereals of the EU is estimated at 301, 9 million tons.

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