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Third ship found with stink bugs at Ports of Auckland

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A third vehicle carrier from Japan has been ordered away from the Ports of Auckland due to the presence of stink bugs on board.

The Sepang Express was sent away this Wednesday afternoon after the Ministry for Primary Industries found an infestation of brown marmorated stink bugs.

It is the third vessel this month ordered to leave New Zealand waters due to the noxious pest being found on board.The spokesman said the cargo would need to be fully treated before it returned to New Zealand waters.

Over the last few days the Ministry for Primary Industries had already turned around two large cargo vessels headed for New Zealand ports, because one of the most damaging pests to the kiwifruit and wider horticultural industries, the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, was found hitchhiking on both ships and in used vehicles onboard. reported that the Ministry was to hold a meeting with involved parties to discuss the situation and ways to manage the risk.

Ports of Auckland spokesman Matt Ball said there was no impact on the Auckland Council-owned company or its employees, "except for the fact that our vehicle-handling wharves are a bit quieter than usual."