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Third best month ever for Norwegian seafood exports

Christian Fernsby |
Despite a very challenging month of flare ups of the coronavirus pandemic in many markets, seafood exports remain at a high level.

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In October, seafood was exported with a value of NOK 10.4 billion.

This is a decrease in value of 5 per cent, or NOK 573 million, compared with October last year.

Nevertheless, this is the third highest export value for a single month.

So far this year, the value of seafood exports has reached NOK 87.2 billion.

This is at the same level as the record set last year.

Historically, seafood exports have only been higher in two single months previously, and that was in October and November of 2019.

Poland, Denmark and France were the largest markets for Norwegian seafood in October.

120,000 tonnes of salmon were exported with a value of NOK 6.5 billion in October.

In October, the export price was NOK 48.57per kg, which was six per cent lower than in the same month last year.

Increased export volumes, reduced demand for salmon in the restaurant sector and a shift in the flow of goods towards large processing markets in Europe have led to a falling price trend since June.

7,100 tonnes of trout worth NOK 371 million were exported in October.

Belarus, Japan and Ukraine were the largest markets for Norwegian trout in October.

Norway exported 1,900 tonnes of fresh cod, including fillets, worth NOK 86 million in October.

Denmark, Sweden and Germany were the largest markets for fresh cod from Norway in October.

So far this year, 43,700 tonnes of fresh cod have been exported totaling NOK 2 billion.

Norway exported 5,200 tonnes of frozen cod worth NOK 225 million in October. There is an increase in volume of 17 per cent.

After a couple of months with lower export volumes compared to last year, we have seen growth for both frozen whole and fillet of cod in October.

For frozen whole cod, the largest growth is in China, while the largest reduction has been to the United Kingdom.

Norway exported 11,400 tonnes of clipfish worth NOK 617 million in October.

After several months with significantly lower export volumes for cod clipfish, exports are now on a par with October last year.

The price of both saithe and cod clipfish has fallen during the corona crisis.

Norway exported 2,700 tonnes of salted fish worth NOK 130 million in October.

Norway exported 572 tonnes of stockfish worth NOK 98 million in October.

Norway exported 25,300 tonnes of herring worth NOK 358 million in October.

Another product that has seen strong growth in 2020 is herring roe.

So far this year, 227,000 tonnes of herring have been exported for NOK 2.8 billion.

Norway exported 69,200 tonnes of mackerel worth NOK 1.1 billion in October.

The mackerel season started late this year, and this affects the export volume in October.

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