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Thousands of chickens die in transport from Malaysia to Singapore

Christian Fernsby |
Thousands of chickens died last week after long delays at the Tuas checkpoint while they were being transported from Malaysia to Singapore.

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Poultry importers told The Sunday Times the chickens died of the heat and the crammed conditions of their transport.

Importers said the congestion was especially bad on Wednesday and Thursday, but the cargo drivers had been experiencing delays since Monday.

Mr Oh Wei Chiat, chief operating officer at Boong Poultry, said he has about four to five trucks of chickens coming into Singapore from Johor almost every day.

About 200 to 300 chickens, or six to 10 per cent of the chickens in each truck, would not survive the journey.

Mr Oh said: "One reason is due to the heat. They are also trapped in a limited space for a long time. It takes two to three hours to reach the checkpoint, followed by about 12 hours stuck in the congestion. And they are without food and drink, because we don't usually feed the chickens before transporting them."

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