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Total Income from Farming for England was £2,597 million

Christian Fernsby |
This was a decrease of £879 million (-25%) compared with 2019.

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When adjusted for inflation, this becomes a £1.08 billion decrease (-29%). TIFF was lower in 2020 than in 2019 for all regions of England, with decreases ranging from -17% (West Midlands) to -32% (Yorkshire and The Humber). These decreases become -22% and -36% when adjusted for inflation.

The South West made the biggest contribution to England Total Income from Farming in 2020 at £509 million (20%), followed by the East of England at £471 million (18%). The North East made the smallest contribution at £102 million (3.9%).

When expressed on a ‘per hectare of farmed land’ basis, the West Midlands had the highest Total Income from Farming in 2020 at £361 per hectare.

The region with the lowest was the North East, at £169 per hectare. These compare with an England average of £285 per hectare.

For every year from 2010-20, either the East of England or the South West was the region with the highest Total Income from Farming and the North East was the lowest. Regional shares of TIFF have remained fairly stable over time.

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