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Tremendous decline of Vietnam shrimp sales to the U.S, Japan and EU

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According to statistics of Vietnam Customs, Vietnam shrimp sales in ther first ten months reached $2.5 billion, down 26.7% year on year.

Since April 2015, Vietnam shrimp exports have reported the month-on-month increase. October result touched $327 million, up 7.3% from September 2015. However, this was 21.7% lower than the same period of 2014.

As Christmas and New Year holidays push up shrimp demand, Vietnam’s shrimp exports in the last two months of the year will be better.

Shrimp exports to the U.S, Japan and EU reported the tremendous decline compared to the same period of 2014. On the contrary, shrimp exports to the U.K, Hong Kong and Malaysia upped 11.1%, 3% and 17.8%, respectively.

Most of shrimp exported was frozen raw. Whiteleg shrimp was the key export item, representing 58.6% of the total shrimp exports with sales reaching $1.4 billion, down 26.4% year on year.

Meanwhile, black tiger shrimp exports made up 33% of the total, hitting $813.3 million, down 31.3%. The other was marine shrimp, which was mostly exported under processed forms.

It is noted that the proportion of whiteleg shrimp stayed flat from last year while that of black tiger shrimp downed 2.2% year on year and that for marine shrimp upped 2.3% year on year.

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