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Trump budget proposes 21% cut to Agriculture Department spending

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U.S. President Donald Trump has proposed eliminating an international food aid program and reducing county-level staff for a 21 percent drop in discretionary spending at the Agriculture Department.

The White House also said it would eliminate the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education program, which provides donations of U.S. agricultural commodities to food-deficit countries.

The program, which had $182 million earmarked in the fiscal-year 2017 USDA budget, "lacks evidence that it is being effectively implemented to reduce food insecurity," the document said.

The plans for spending at the USDA were released as part of Trump’s budget blueprint, a broad outline of spending proposals for the fiscal year ahead.

The blueprint does not cover "mandatory" spending established by law, like farm subsidies, but only addresses "discretionary" programs where lawmakers can adjust spending from year to year.

The Trump White House has said it plans to release a traditional full budget with a 10-year outlook for all government spending and revenues in mid-May.

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