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Turkey intends to keep track of vegetable prices

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The Trade Ministry in Turkey has asked the governors of its 81 provinces to keep a close eye on the movements in the prices of vegetables and fruits as the government is increasingly growing uneasy over what it describes as “excessive prices.”

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The Ministry requested local officials to regularly visit supermarkets, street markets, grocery stores and wholesale markets in their cities to keep track of the prices of a number of products over a period of 12 months, including apples, lemons, pepper, tomatoes, carrots, zucchinis, onions, mushroom, cucumbers and potatoes.

Officials will record the prices of vegetables and fruits under three categories: “Markets and grocery stores,” “street markets” and “wholesale markets.” Data to be compiled on a weekly basis will be submitted to the Trade Ministry.

According to officials will also identify the spread between businesses pay for those products and the price they ask from consumers. During their inspections, officials will collect data for widely consumed vegetables and fruits.

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