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UK and Iceland to step up cooperation on fisheries

Christian Fernsby |
The UK signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Iceland to boost cooperation on fisheries matters.

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As the UK prepares to leave the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy at the end of December, this Memorandum of Understanding is the first fisheries agreement the UK has made with Iceland, and it follows the recent agreement with Norway, the agreement with the Faroe Islands and the bilateral arrangement with Greenland.

It ensures that the UK, as an independent coastal state, has a bespoke arrangement in place with each of its principal fisheries partners across the North-East Atlantic.

The agreement, which will come into effect on 1st January 2021, was signed by Fisheries Minister Victoria Prentis and Icelandic Minister of Fisheries Kristján Þór Júlíusson, who both participated via video conference.

The agreement will establish a UK-Iceland Fisheries Dialogue, whereby both countries can share best practice and cooperate on a range of issues, including product innovation and food waste reduction.

Businesses will also be able to exchange knowledge on the adoption of new technologies, and ways to enhance the value, traceability and marketing of seafood products.

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