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UK customers can't easily identify origins of meat they are buying

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NFU Scotland’s latest shelfwatch, looking at almost 35,000 packs of pork, bacon and gammon in 47 supermarket stores, has found that consumers will often struggle to identify where the meat has come from.

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Marks & Spencer, Co-op and Waitrose were the only supermarkets found to offer 100% British pork, bacon and gammon.

All other supermarkets were found to be stocking fresh and processed pork, bacon and gammon products from a wide range of different countries of origin including the UK, Denmark, Holland, Germany and Ireland.

More worryingly, some own-label and branded products were labelled with more than one country of origin such as "Germany and Holland" or even as broadly labelled as just "EU."

All too often, packs had no clear indication of where the meat has actually come from.

The results showed six percent bacon, gammon and pork packs had an unclear or confusing country of origin; five percent had mixed countries of origin on the same pack (eg. Germany/Holland) and 15 percent listed the ‘EU’ as the country of origin.

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