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UK family farms under threat of extinction

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Fewer than one in five family farms are making a profit from their farming activity, according to new research undertaken by the Andersons Centre on behalf of The Prince’s Countryside Fund.

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Analysis of data from 172 participants in the first year of The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme has shown that the average farm made more than £20,000 loss from farming activities, and instead is reliant on other income streams to make a profit.

The shortfall was made up by income from non-farming activity, such as tourism enterprises, renewables, direct selling of products to the consumer, or income from working off farm as well as farm payments.

The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme aims to help 300 family farms, across 15 locations, each year.

It brings together like minded family farm enterprises in local networks, to review their current activity and identify improvements and opportunities that can be made on-farm to build resilience, effectively helping farmers to take control of their businesses.

Farmers who took part in the first year have confirmed they have higher levels of confidence in their business, better business management, and stronger communication within their family.

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